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Design Considerations
Key design considerations for a granite kitchen countertop is the choices of edges, corners, backsplash and sink mounts. Picture of edges, corners, backsplash, sinks are displayed in the albums

Edges - We have options of standard and premium edges, please let us know if you require a different edge other than the one mentioned below. We are equipped and proficient in fabrication an edge of your choice
Bevel Edge - part of 3cm side is shaped and polished at an angle
Parabolic Edge - part of 3cm side is shaped round, edge looks in parabolic shape
Pencil/Flat/Eased Edge - very smal part of the 3cm edge is shaped round
Bullnose Edge - is a round shaped edge that covers all of 3cm
Halfround Edge - is a round shaped edge that covers half of 3cm and rest is straight
Chiseled Edge - all of 3cm side is hand crafted and provide a rough feel
Ogee Edge - a classic shape inspired from the victorian designs

Corners - shape the corners of countertop with options to match your edge
Round - shape the corner in a round shape
Square - shape the corner in a straight cut
Angled - shape the corner in an angled manner

Backsplash - we offer multiple options of backsplashes
Full Back Splash - you can choose to use the same slab to cover the space between the top cabinet and countertop
4inch Back Splash - 4inches height of backsplash on top of the granite kitchen countertop
6inch Back Splash - 6inches height of backsplash on top of the granite kitchen countertop

Sinks - choice of sink is an important consideration
Under Mount Sink - sink is mounted on bottom side of granite kitchen countertop and sink hole is shaped as per the curvature of sink
Top Mount Sink - sink is placed on top of the cut sink hole


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